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My Blog comes with Trigger Warnings

I just need to note before this blog goes any further that these contain sensitive information that may invoke triggers in those with self harm thoughts. Please don’t continue reading if these apply to you. I do not in anyway wish to affect any other person struggle with BPD or self harm thoughts.


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Mental Illness Math

Mental Ilness Math

Australian Men

Average life expectancy at 2010 =79.5



Life expectancy for Mental people with a mental illness = minus 25 years


“People with a serious mental illness die on average 25 years earlier that the general population and 70 per cent of people with a serious mental illness die from cardiovascular disease compared to 18 per cent of the general population.


Subtotal= 54.5 years

 Current Age = 45.2 years



 Total = Not much time left

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Day 12

Am busy with life at the moment, school holidays.

I have been making some progress on arranging appointments and treatment to commence after school holidays.

I have so so much of life that has been neglected, mainly financial and health, to catch up on, it will take time and commitment.

I have so much to say here but do not wish to pressure myself to complete this immediately. Have been taking notes and will publish some concerns after the holidays.

I have had another appointment with psychologist and am daunted by the task of recovery ahead. Meeting some obstacles to treatment however with greater knowledge of my disorder I have can approach these with a different mind set.

Changed my twitter bio to “Early in bpd recovery. Seeking information and inspiration. May tweet odd things at times. My stuff” a more positive and hopeful bio to reflect the hope I can almost now touch. 

Bed now so tired.





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