MH Providers – FUCK YOU

*******Trigger Warning*******

To my MH case manager

FUCK YOU – for promising me twice to call me about DBT therapy the following day, It’s been 2 weeks & I have not heard from you. Invalidating.

FUCK YOU – for telling me that BPD was an axis 2 psychological disability.

FUCK YOU – for dictating treatment via the psychiatrist I have never met, regardless of the NHMRC (National Health & Medical Research Council) guidelines for the treatment of BPD which states BPD patients should be fully inclusive of treatment options.


To the MH triage nurse “Cindy”

FUCK YOU – for speaking to me in an pious tone as if I had a intellectual disability not a psychological disability. Wheres your bed side manner & compassion.

FUCK YOU – for telling me that BPD is treated as an axis 1 psychological disability – as you both work for the same unit, there seems to be some confusion about the classification of this illness

FUCK YOU – for stating that I am being treated as any other psychologically ill person in the community. A phone once a month to check I am still alive does not constitute as treatment.,We both know this is bull shit.

FUCK YOU – for telling me that you lack the funding to treat patients appropriately and that I should write to the politicians to increase your funding. I wonder if you would tell a cancer patient this if they faced lack of treatment.

FUCK YOU – for mistaking my frustration as anger.


To the Hospital and MH Unit

FUCK YOU – you have had since 2008 to offer effective treatment to date apart from some useless medication, you have only caused further stress.

FUCK YOU – for stating that BPD “was all new to us” then retracting your statement when I informed you that it had been in the DSM since the early 80’s.

FUCK YOU – for not following the NHMRC guidelines for treatment of BPD.

FUCK YOU – ED for giving me 2 headache tablets and trying to send me home when I was suicidal.

FUCK YOU – for calling the police and having me locked up when I had an anxiety attack in the middle of your ED when you tried to send me home.

FUCK YOU – for stating I made physical and verbal threats to your staff in the middle of this attack, we both know that this has been fabricated by staff to justify their actions and lack of understanding of MH issues.(I still can’t recover from this trauma).

FUCK YOU – for not following up on my complaints about this event.

FUCK YOU – for not answering all my emails in regards to this event.

FUCK YOU – for mistaking my frustration as narcissistic.

FUCK YOU – for taking the taxes I have paid for 30 years to pay your staff and run your hospital and to continue to try to control my treatment so as to obtain further funding. I am not a statistic to boost your funding.

FUCK YOU – for mis-diagnosing me, this has delayed treatment for 4 years. I was working then, now I am not, as I have only gone down hill since first seeing you.

FUCK YOU – for trying to protect your own asses and putting the interest of your staff and their job security above the treatment of your patients.

FUCK YOU – for not understanding BPD as it is more common than bi-polar & schizophrenia combined. THIS IS YOUR JOB.

FUCK YOU – for invalidating my suffering.







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  1. Gosh sorry to hear this. What a nightmare. I had no idea that it is so difficult to get help in England with the health system there (I am from there originally, born in London although I now live in the USA). I hope things will get beter for you.

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